Do you have what it takes to deliver
the world's finest chauffeured service?

The chauffeured service industry is changing dramatically.
But while others are turning chauffeuring into a commodity, we're raising the bar.

You’re not an Uber driver, even though your cousins may think you are. You’re a chauffeur with a craft and a noble history to represent.

We understand that, perhaps like no other company in the world today. We’re passionate about the craft of chauffeuring, and we respect you and your fellow chauffeurs around the world.

For more than 15 years, we’ve been seeking out the world’s best chauffeurs so we can match you with the world’s most discerning travelers—the kinds of travelers who appreciate great chauffeuring, too.

Our passengers aren’t just celebrities. They’re people who are busy making the world’s biggest decisions. They need chauffeurs who can help them get more out of their day.

We’re always looking for a few great chauffeurs. Are you one of them?

Here's how our clients define world-class:

We respect the craft of chauffeuring.

The Fortis Chauffeur Mobile App
a key tool in our world-class service

  • Access your ride's real-time itinerary.
  • Update your ride's status without having to speak on the phone.

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