The World’s Best Chauffeurs

Your Concierge on the Ground

For the world’s most discerning travelers, a chauffeur can make the difference between a failed day and an exceptional one.

That’s why many years ago we began our search for the best chauffeurs in the world.


Of course, we offer elegant vehicles, trip management, and security. But our chauffeurs are consistently why our passengers choose us again and again—and why many would never leave us.

We use an extensive process to find and vet them, and they tell us that we treat them better than any other company in the world. We pay them well, pay them on time, and treat them like the experts they are.

Our proprietary ratings system also allows us to prioritize the best chauffeurs for each local area. And we help our passengers find favorite chauffeurs in the cities they travel to the most.


A chauffeur who does everything that is asked is perfect for most people. Ours do much more. In fact, our goal is for each chauffeur to be a concierge on the ground.