Peace of Mind Around the Globe

Global travel turns up the volume on opportunity—and risk. Potential language barriers, local regulations, and unexpected events all make international journeys challenging.

But the real question on a passenger’s mind is bound to be: “Will I be safe?”


Attacks like those in Paris and Brussels have left many travelers wondering if there’s a safer option—even in cities that have long been thought to be unassailable.

What we’ve found is that few of our passengers actually want executive protection, armored cars, trained personnel. What most want is simply more confidence and trust in their chauffeured service.


Fortis Riders is the only company who provides secure chauffeured transportation around the globe. We’ve earned the trust of top global heads of security. Here’s how we did it:


The World’s Best Chauffeurs

The first security question on most travelers’ minds is: Who’s driving, and can I trust them?

We answer that question. It begins by providing each chauffeur’s information, often 24 hours before the trip begins.

But the more important answer has been more difficult. Since 2000, we have gone to great lengths to find and work with the best chauffeurs in the world. We use a 16-point vetting system and mystery rides to find them (roughly 1/3 of our candidates make the cut). Then we use our proprietary ratings system to prioritize the best in the world, and demote (or even ban) chauffeurs who haven’t continued to earn our trust.

Secure Communications

The second security question that discerning travelers ask is, What’s the status of my trip?

Historically, this has been a difficult question for chauffeured services to answer. Fortis Riders has actually led the industry by being the first company to report on-location and passenger-in-vehicle status on every trip.

But we felt we could do even better.

So we created the world’s only patented, secure communications platform designed especially for chauffeured service. Through iOS (Apple) mobile apps, each role connected to a trip receives the information they need, when they need it.

We also verify the identity of all roles we interact with, encrypt our in-app chats, and protect app communication through restricted API access and multi-factor authentication.

Learn more about our secure communications platform here.

Global Service

Industry-Leading Insurance

No one likes to think of a trip going wrong.

But that’s what insurance is for.

We ensure that every chauffeur carries a high level of insurance that takes care of anything that might go wrong, even accidentally, on a trip. On top of that, we carry substantial global liability insurance.

And in fact, since we strive to use the best chauffeurs in the world, we have yet to file an insurance claim in our company’s history.

Are you ready for the world’s only secure chauffeured transportation?