Your principal needs
a more secured chauffeured service.

Paris. Brussels. Orlando. Nice. Munich.
The world’s not getting any safer.
And yet, your principals still need to travel with safety around the globe.
Chauffeured transportation may currently be their top vulnerability.

Before we go any further, we’d like to make one thing clear: you’re great at what you do.

We invite you to see us as partners, the role we’ve been able to play along so many other security teams around the world. As you know, a chauffeur is not a security agent. Neither is a security agent a chauffeur.

But as you know—as you work so hard to do your job well—it’s difficult to find great chauffeurs, those who know their local area well and can also work alongside you. Sometimes chauffeurs can’t communicate clearly. They may not know an up-to-date itinerary. Some don’t even show up on time.

We know, too, because we’ve been working for more than 15 years to find the world’s best chauffeurs and to serve the world’s most discerning passengers.

We would be privileged to begin working alongside you and your principals.

Private jet owners around the world
trust Fortis Riders
more than any other chauffeured service.


Fortis Riders is a secure chauffeured service.

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For several years, we looked for and tried numerous chauffeur companies.
My employer demands the best, and he now requires that we use only Fortis Riders.
—Director of Security, Global Investment Firm

private jet

Your principals'
private jet
is secure.


Your principals'
is secure.

chauffeured service

Your principals'
chauffeured service
should be secure, too.

64% of attacks happen in or around a vehicle.

—Gavin de Becker

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