Duty of Care
 never came with so many 
Fringe Benefits

We've created the world's most secure chauffeured service for the world's most discerning travelers.
We've also designed it for you.

You have a day job. We know that. And it isn’t chauffeured transportation management.

Your principals trust you to schedule their travel, whether that means managing their private jet or coordinating their movements around the globe.

We hope you’ll come to rely on us as your partner on the ground. We’ve spent more than 15 years working ahead of you so we can offer your principals the world’s best chauffeurs, no matter where they travel.

We also work to make your life easier, by sending your chauffeurs’ details in advance, bringing you proactive notifications as the trip unfolds, and generally keeping your stress level to a minimum.

Let us know when you’re ready to begin.

For Your Principal:
  • The world's best chauffeurs
  • Secure communications
  • 1,000+ of the world's top travel destinations
For You:
  • Highest success rate in the industry
  • Real-time status updates
    (that you don't have to chase down)
  • Global 2-hour cancellation policy

Private jet owners around the world
trust Fortis Riders
more than any other chauffeured service.


Fortis Riders is a secure chauffeured service.

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If you obsess about the way your client is handled, use Fortis Riders.
—Account Director, Global Jet Management Firm

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