The World's Best Chauffeurs
help you get more out of your day.

We’re relentless about finding and working with the world’s best chauffeurs. Discerning travelers want more than just a nice vehicle and someone to drive it. They want—and appreciate—someone who takes the craft of chauffeuring seriously. Someone who can help them get more out of their day.

Imagine a chauffeur who's
professional, on time, drives well and does everything expected and asked.

What would you rate this chauffeur on a scale from 1‑5?

For most people, the chauffeur we've just described is perfect. For us, that's a 3 out of 5.

We respect the craft of chauffeuring and we partner with the best so you can make the most out of your day - and your travel

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How do we do it?

(Hint: It's not easy)


We begin our scouting with references.

Any given week of the year, our team members are pre-vetting and expanding our 1,000-city network. We begin with chauffeurs who have earned a reputation for excellence.


We conduct a 16-point check of each provider.

We ensure that they're insured, with new vehicles and career chauffeurs who will fit our clients well. If they don't pass the check, we don't work with them.


We rate our chauffeurs and prioritize the best.

Our rating—from an aggressive 5-point scale—is based on mystery rides, client feedback, and our own interactions during rides. The higher the rating, the more often we will assign a chauffeur for our passengers.